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This is State of Green's Global Challenge Newsletter - a number of exclusive newsletters focusing on the global challenges concerning Energy, Water, Cities and Circular economy. In connection to the upcoming Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, this newsletter will focus on global city challenges and sustainable solutions

In this newsletter you will find:

  • The challenge: increased urbanisation puts cities under severe stress
  • News
  • Video: the smart city concept 
  • White Paper: smart cities
  • Three Danish state-of-the-art solutions to global city challenges

The challenge: increased urbanisation puts cities under severe stress

More than half of the world's population live in cities. By 2050, this figure is expected to be 70 percent.

As the pace of urbanisation only quickens, cities face immense challenges related to waste and water management, mobility, climate adaptation and energy.

However, cities have the possibility to become drivers of green growth – thereby contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 11 (SDG11) concerning sustainable cities and communities.

To accomplish this, cities need solutions to ensure that they are optimised for sustainable economic activity, energy consumption and positive environmental

Event news

Smart City Expo World Congress gathers 700 cities from across the globe 

From November 13 – 15, 2018, the Smart City Expo World Congress will be held in Barcelona under the theme ‘Cities To Live In’. The purpose of the event is to empower cities and collectivise urban innovation across the globe while promoting social innovation, establishing partnerships and identifying business opportunities. Read More
Related news:

Alternative fuel - 200 new hydrogen buses

With EUR 13 million for hydrogen buses from the EU, Denmark will be able to advance more rapidly in regard to hydrogen technology and allow it to become more competitive with traditional fossil fuel technologies. Read More

Bicycle superhighways increase employee health and decrease CO2 emissions

The superhighways connect 19 Danish municipalities and it is expected that there will be a network of 45 superhighways connecting municipalities and the capital region. Read More

Urban regeneration – a path to more sustainable cities

Projects in four European cities show that a comprehensive strategy comprising both physical and social initiatives can transform whole areas into attractive and liveable spaces. Read More
Video: the smart city concept
Interview with Peter Bjørn Larsen, Director and owner of Smart City Insights
White Paper: Smart cities

This white paper features lessons learned from smart cities applying sustainable solutions. Through state-of-the-art case examples across waste management, mobility, water, buildings, heating and cooling and smart energy systems, the white paper illustrates how taking a smart approach to urban development creates liveable, sustainable and prosperous societies globally. It is meant to serve as a tool for inspiration for reaping the benefits of implementing sustainable, smart city solutions in your city.
Explore three Danish state-of-the-art solutions to global city challenges:

Social and economic value creation through energy renovation in the UK

While reducing energy consumption, the renovation of the Wilmcote House aimed to extend the lifetime of the buildings and transform their visual appearance to create attractive living conditions for the residents. Read More

Intelligent traffic solutions in Copenhagen, Denmark

Advances in sensor technology, cloud computing and novel simulation algorithms have made it possible to reduce congestion, emissions and increase safety for both vehicular traffic and bicycles. Read More

Underground waste containers in Aarhus, Denmark

A unique underground waste handling solution ensures more recycling and relieves the city centre from odours as well as overflowing containers. 
Read More