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This is State of Green's Global Challenge newsletter - a number of exclusive newsletters focusing on the global challenges concerning Energy, Water, Cities and Circular economy. As African Utility Week is taking place this week, this newsletter will focus on global water challenges and solutions. 


In this newsletter you will find:

  • The challenge: Increased global water stress
  • News: African Utility Week and other related water news
  • Video: Partnerships and water management - a case example
  • White Paper: Reducing urban water loss
  • Three Danish state-of-the-art solutions to global water challenges

Key challenge: Increased global water stress

The challenge of water scarcity is experienced all over the world. More than two billion people are living in countries with excess water stress. Especially Northern Africa and Western Asia experience water stress levels above 60 per cent indicating a strong probability of future water scarcity.

At the same time, nearly 50 per cent of the world's population already experiences potential water scarcity at least one month per year.

Providing safe and affordable drinking water is a cornerstone in the UN Sustainable Development Goal #6. With the global water scarcity and insufficient access to clean drinking water facing the world, this requires a strong focus on efficient water management, operation and an efficient distribution network with minimum water loss.


Assisting South Africa in meeting issues of water security

Like many other countries, South Africa faces severe challenges in terms of water and energy security. Danish companies and authorities aim to assist South Africa to catalyse their green transition and meet water challenges at African Utility Week 2019.

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Danish partnership to provide clean water for refugee camps

A global game-changer in sustainable water accessibility for the world’s poorest is being developed by a strong P4G-partnership from Denmark. Read the article here or watch a video about the partnership below.

Partnership reveals an affordable route to saving water and energy in Vietnam

A new study by a Danish-Vietnamese partnership underlines how water utilities in developing countries can implement sustainable water technology to curb losses of water in a financially attractive way.  Read More
Video: Partnerships and water management - a case example
The Danish Refugee Council and the Danish company Grundfos have collaborated on installing solar-powered water pumps in one of the world's biggest refugee settlements in Uganda. The partnership has received funding from P4G - Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030.
White paper

Today, 25-50% of all distributed water globally is lost or never invoiced due to illegal connections, inaccurate billing systems, inaccurate metering, leakages, deteriorating infrastructure and wrong water pressure management etc. This is all in all called Non-Revenue Water (NRW).

This white paper examines how water utilities can improve efficiency and meet future demand for water by reducing Non-Revenue Water.

Read the white paper here

Explore three Danish state-of-the-art solutions to global water challenges:

Water2life-project in Kenya

After ten years of water scarcity, the rural village of Kambi ya Juu in Kenya once again have access to safe water. Water2life is based on Grundfos’ Lifelink system, which consists of a water pump driven by solar energy. 
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Danish partnership to stop global water losses

Nine Danish partners have joined forces to demonstrate Danish solutions and pave the way for new technology. The ambition is to make water utilities more smart, efficient and sustainable – in Denmark as well as worldwide.
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Mapping groundwater

The ability to reveal the availability and movement of groundwater can be a huge asset for countries and regions with the need to responsibly and sustainably manage their aquifers.
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