Thank you for all of your prayers! Over 100 Parliamentarians were represented.
Thank you for all of your prayers! Over 100 Parliamentarians were represented.


Freedom to worship is the ‘litmus test of a free society’ according to Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt (pictured), who spoke at the launch of the 2019 Open Doors World Watch List in Parliament, where over 100 parliamentarians were represented.

In a message to Open Doors supporters, he said, “Thank you for the fantastic work you are doing to highlight the fact that nearly a quarter of a billion Christians around the world are facing persecution for their faith.”  

The Foreign Secretary has commissioned a review into the plight of persecuted Christians around the world and how much help they are receiving from the UK. 

Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry also attended the launch, saying, "It’s a pleasure to be here at the launch of the World Watch List report 2019. I read it with some concern to find out that, for the fifth year running, persecution of Christians has increased once more."

Rebecca from Nigeria (pictured), one of our field speakers at the event, talked about the double vulnerability of Christian women who are persecuted for both their faith and their gender. "With the assistance of friends like Open Doors, we can help women through prayers, relief and trauma counselling," she said. "We work to reassure these women of God’s love… The generous contributions of organisations like Open Doors are invaluable. You have given us hope to continue to hold onto the faith."

We want to say a HUGE thank you for all of your prayers, and for getting involved and inviting your MP to the launch. You can read the advocacy report presented at the launch, and pre-order inspiring new resources to help you share the World Watch List with your church or small group.


  • For all of the parliamentarians who attended the launch, that they would be impacted and spurred to action on behalf of persecuted Christians
  • That the review will lead to greater awareness of Christian persecution, and, most importantly, concrete change for our brothers and sisters.


North Korea has once again been ranked at number one on the Open Doors World Watch List - a position it has held for 18 consecutive years. It is a country where Christians are considered enemies of the state because they dare to believe in a higher authority than the Kim family, who are worshipped like gods. If a Christian is discovered, they will be arrested and imprisoned in one of North Korea’s terrible labour camps. And yet, our brothers and sisters there have decided that knowing Jesus is worth the risks they face. The church in North Korea is not only surviving, but growing.


Lord Jesus, thank You for the courage of our North Korean brothers and sisters. We ask for Your protection and Your provision for them, so that the church may continue to grow and shine as a light in the darkness. May You flood the nation of North Korea with Your glory, Your truth and Your mercy. 

With many thanks for your prayers,

Henrietta Blyth
CEO, Open Doors UK & Ireland