Hear from Tirham* in Nigeria this Saturday
Hear from Tirham* in Nigeria this Saturday


Imagine what life is like when it is unsafe to live in your own home, or you can’t guarantee you and your children will have food each day? 

That’s the awful reality for many Christian women in northern and central Nigeria – on top of the grief and trauma brought about by violent conflict and killings.

“Sometimes there are days without any help from anyone for them to be fed,” explains Tirham, a volunteer at an Open Doors trauma centre in Nigeria, speaking about the impact of Covid-19 on daily life for many Christian women living in the shadow of violence.

This is a snippet of what Tirham will be sharing about this Saturday at Standing Strong Online. There’s still time to register for your free ticket, if you haven’t yet.

*Name changed for security reasons



Mizanur, a Christian from a Muslim background, was singing worship songs with his family when his brother and other villagers attacked and beat him. The family’s house and belongings were also destroyed. With the help of an Open Doors partner, the family went into hiding.

Bangladesh has risen 10 places in the World Watch List this year, reflecting worsening persecution in all spheres of life. Radical Islamic groups are growing in influence, further exposing minority groups such as Christians (who make up just 0.5% of the 168 million population) to persecution. Converts to Christianity from other faiths are especially prone to family and community ostracism.

This year, Cyclone Amphan and Covid-19 have brought further challenges, gravely affecting the income of pastors and poor Christians, whilst many believers are deliberately overlooked in the distribution of government aid.

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A prayer for Bangladesh

God of all comfort, direct the hearts of believers in Bangladesh into Your love and Christ’s perseverance. Through the many challenges they face, may they hold tight to You and shine for You. Provide for every need, unite Your people together, and bring fresh revelations from Your Word. And in Your mercy transform the lives of those behind persecution and discrimination. Amen.

With many thanks for your prayers,

Henrietta Blyth
CEO, Open Doors UK & Ireland