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SAGEEP 20/20 – Visionary Geophysics

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August 8 through October 4, 2019

EEGS and the National Association of Ordnance Contractors (NAOC) have collaborated to provide two parallel conferences in Denver; The 33rd Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental Problems and the 1st Munitions Response Meeting. Both conferences will be accessible with one conference registration, providing attendees opportunity to network, collaborate, and learn from each other. This includes sessions and abstracts, exhibitors, short courses, and field trips.
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Geophysics extends our senses to see what cannot be seen. We incorporate our knowledge of physics, technology, geology, the scientific method, and material science to do this. At the same time, we are constantly looking forward to improve resolution, collection time, sensitivity, interpretive tools, knowledge, and how to apply these things to challenges we face. SAGEEP is where this all comes together as a premier international conference focusing on the near surface. It’s where we see ideas develop and mature to new approaches and methods. We literally see into the future. 

We encourage you to submit an abstract; share your research, learn from others, see new technological improvements, and network in our profession. This is how we improve; this is how we look forward; this is Visionary Geophysics.

SAGEEP 2020 Session Topics

1. Geophysics in Hazard and Risk Evaluation
2. Transportation and Infrastructure – Engineering, Monitoring & Evaluation
3. Urban Geophysics
4. Agricultural Geophysics
5. Geophysics in the Critical Zone Research
6. UAS and Airborne Geophysics
7. The Enigmatic Crestone Crater – Part II
8. Ground Penetrating Radar method
9. Electrical Methods
10. Electromagnetic Methods
11. Seismic Body Wave Methods
12. Analysis of Surface Waves Methods
13. Geophysics in Renewable Energy - Exploration & Development
14. Borehole Geophysics
15. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
16. Archaeology
17. Humanitarian Geophysics
18. Hydrogeophysics
19. Modeling and Inversion of Geophysical Data: Current State and Future Trends for Geophysical Software
20. Managing Uncertainty and Data Mining in Geophysics
21. Advances in Exploration and Mineral Geophysics
22. Full Waveform Analysis
23. Geophysics General Contribution
24. Geophysics 2020: The Past and Future of Near Surface Geophysics
25. Geologic Storage of CO2
26. Dams and Levees – Safety Investigation & Monitoring
27. Applications to Risk Analysis and Risk-Based Design
28. Instrument Innovations: Current State and Future Trends for Geophysical Instrumentation
29. Optical Sensing – DAS, Thermal, LIDAR & Multi-spectral Sensing
30. Lessons Learned: When Things Don’t Go as Planned
1st Munitions Response Meeting Session Topics

1. Perspective on Munition Response
2. DAGCAP - Project / Program Lessons Learned
3. Risk Assessment for Explosives Hazards
4. Applications for UAVs in Munitions Projects
5. Site Application of Classification Technologies
6. Innovative Applications of Geophysics on MMRP Projects
7. Non-Acoustic (EM and other) Methods for Marine MEC Detection and Classification
8. Recent Results in Marine Acoustic Methods for Detection and Classification
9. Robotic Applications to MR
10. Emerging Geophysical Sensors
11. Alternative Positioning Systems
12. Munitions Response Safety
13. Data Usability Assessment
14. Underwater Munitions Response Operations
15. MC Investigation
16. Analog Geophysics in Munitions Response
17. Disposal Trench / OBOD (i.e. non firing range) Geophysics
18. International Demining and UXO