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In 2004 Gyldendal purchased Systime. As this ownership will now have a more direct impact on Systime, which we welcome, we have translated a press release from Gyldendal.


A new managing director for Gyldendal’s imprint Systime A/S

A new managing director will head Gyldendal’s imprint, Systime, when former CEO and founder, Poul Henrik Mikkelsen, retires from 1 October. Hanne Salomonsen from Gyldendal Education takes over as CEO for Systime and she continues to be CEO for Gyldendal Education as well. Systime continues as an independent limited company within the Gyldendal concern. 
With the new management structure a unified focus is ensured within the area of learning material in Gyldendal. This includes a unified digital development and utilisation of platforms to be used by children and young people for educational purpose. On this basis there are no further organisatorial changes in the mother company or in Systime. 

In 1980 Poul Henrik Mikkelsen founded the publishing company Systime and since then his efforts to improve teaching and learning have been never-ending - not least by focusing on digitisation of learning materials. He will continue as an external consultant for Gyldendal regarding the sale of Systime’s internetBook platform internationally. He says: “It has been a great privilege to work as a publisher at Systime. I thank authors and colleagues for their confidence in me. I hope that ‘Systime under Steady Unfolding (SUSU)’ will continue to work with opportunities beyond the immediate reality.“

 The managing director for Gyldendal A/S, Morten Hesseldahl, says: “We are very proud of this opportunity to carry on Poul Henrik Mikkelsen’s life’s work in a united structure with Systime and Gyldendal Education. For almost 4 decades he has been a significant, energetic publisher and entrepreneur. We are delighted to continue a close cooperation with him.“

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Systime’s platform becomes a general learning platform 

We are happy to announce that Systime’s MyAccount at by week 42 will be used by more publishing companies. This means that the users only need to go to one platform to find material from the publishing companies using MyAccount. 

As we announced in June the publishing companies:
  • Columbus
  • The publishing company for the Danish Teachers’ Association
  • Nucleus
are the first publishing companies apart from Systime to use MyAccount to handle user licences. 
Lately, Gyldendal’s editorial department for upper secondary has announced that they will also join the platform.
Systime's platform
With the new version of MyAccount users have the option of searching material according to publishing company by use of a search filter. 
Systime's platform
We invite more publishing companies with digital publications for the upper secondary to use this product version of MyAccount. 
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Birte Annette Nørregaard
Key Account Manager
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Søren Peter Sørensen
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