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Information standards

DCB1513 Maternity Services Data Set

The Maternity Services Data Set (MSDS) is the national information standard for data relating to NHS-funded maternity services.

Version 2.0 of the Maternity Services Data Set (MSDS) represents a significant change to the existing structure of the current information standard (v1.5). It brings the MSDS into line with the structure of other national data sets managed by NHS Digital.

Applies to:

  • Any NHS Trust providing NHS-funded maternity services.
  • Any independent sector provider of NHS-commissioned maternity services.
  • All related services which have an active involvement in the NHS maternity care pathway, including those for: obstetrics, midwifery, fetal medicine, radiology, pathology, gynaecology and neonatal.
  • All commissioners of NHS-funded maternity services should ensure reporting and management information are updated in line with these changes.

The Information Standards Notice (ISN) provides an overview of the standard:

SCCI2112: FGM Risk Indication System (FGM RIS) - Local System Integration

The ISN for SCCI2112 FGM-RIS was published on 19 October 2016, setting a full conformance date of 31 March 2019. After discussion with providers and system suppliers, NHS Digital requested an extension to this conformance date. This extension has been agreed by the Data Coordination Board (the successor to SCCI) on the basis that no changes have been made to the standard; full conformance is now set at 31 March 2020.

An updated ISN has been published to announce the change to the original conformance date. No other changes are introduced, and the original Requirements Specification and Implementation Guidance, available on the SCCI2112 web page, remain current.


Data collections

Recently assured data collections and extractions

A number of data collections and extractions have recently been assured and awarded Assurance Certificates and our Assurance Certificates Register has been updated to reflect this.

The Register allows you to see if an information standard or collection has been through our assurance process and provides an indication of your requirement to implement an information standard or participate in a collection.

More information about Assurance Certificates, including the Register of issued certificates, is available on our Assurance Certificates web page.



Assurance activity

The Data Coordination Board (DCB) meets on a monthly basis to review and approve the assurance of information standards and data collections and you can view items under assurance, by upcoming DCB meeting date, on our DCB activity page.  

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