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Information standards

DCB1533 Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy Data Set 

The Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy (SACT) data set captures activity data relating to the treatment of cancer with medicines.This release introduces minor amendments, including:
  • new data items
  • amendments to existing data items
  • deletions of data items
  • clearer definitions and expanded formats to improve the quality of submitted data
  • the removal of the intention to change to xml submission.
Applies to:
  • Cancer centres and all other providers of NHS commissioned systemic anti-cancer therapy services.
The Information Standards Notice (ISN) provides an overview of the standard:   DCB3009 Healthy Child Programme: Record Standard, Phase 1

This new information standard supports the move to sharing of child health information by setting out the Healthy Child Record specification that care providers should comply with, on a local basis, to ensure that all providers and their suppliers are using the same data in a standardised format.

Applies to:
  • All providers of child health services, including:
    • general practices
    • primary care services
    • health visiting and school nursing services
    • screening services
    • providers of NHS England commissioned immunisation services for children.
The Information Standards Notice (ISN) provides an overview of the standard:
Data Collections

DCB0155: Stop Smoking Services Quarterly Monitoring Return

In October 2018 it was identified that a national code had been omitted from one of the NHS Data Model and Dictionary data items used in this collection. As a result, a Data Dictionary Change Notice has been issued to add National Code 22 - 'Hospital Setting' to attribute INTERVENTION SETTING TYPE FOR STOP SMOKING.

Note that this amendment to the NHS Data Model and Dictionary does not change the published standard
DCB0155 Amd 80/2015.

Recently assured data collections and extractions

A number of data collections and extractions have recently been assured and awarded Assurance Certificates and our Assurance Certificates Register has been updated to reflect this. 

The Register allows you to see if an information standard or collection has been through our assurance process and provides an indication of your requirement to implement an information standard or participate in a collection. 

More information about Assurance Certificates, including the Register of issued certificates, is available on our
Assurance Certificates web page.

We provide details of data and technology consultations which may be of interest to our subscribers, including any undertaken to support approval and review by the Data Coordination Board (DCB).

Note that the documents which support these consultations have not yet been reviewed nor endorsed by the DCB.

NHS Digital Data and Technology Standards 

Following the statement by Secretary of State, Matt Hancock, on the “tech vision” for the NHS, NHS Digital has published a draft of a new framework that will set out the core standards on technology and data by which all IT systems and digital services in the NHS must abide. Your feedback on the framework and the accompanying technical specifications is requested.

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Data Principles 

NHS Digital has prepared a set of 10 high-level principles for the management of data throughout the health and care system.  Although they are not intended to be enforced, these principles will guide national approaches to data management and the design of national services.  They also inform the design of new data collections and updates to the NHS Data Model and Dictionary. 

A consultation to obtain feedback on these principles is now open. 

Closing date: 18 February 2019
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Assurance activity

The Data Coordination Board (DCB) meets on a monthly basis to review and approve the assurance of information standards and data collections and you can view items under assurance, by upcoming DCB meeting date, on our DCB activity page.   

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