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Edition 9, 2019

Dear Business Partner,

We are at the start of a new year and let's hope water levels will be better in 2019 than they were last year. It is our pleasure to send you this newsletter to bring you up to date on the latest news and developments concerning Port of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam River Cruise Conference & Liegeplatz Party

We organised the Amsterdam River Cruise Conference & Liegeplatz Party on January 11. It was our pleasure to welcome 58 participants to the first edition of this event. At the conference we provided the participants with an update on the status of the Easydock reservation system and current topics including the Day Tourist Tax and price differentiation.  

Planning 2019
2018 was a tough year for the River Cruise business, with numerous cancellations and ship swaps. The number of calls in Amsterdam and Zaanstad was, however, more or less the same as in 2017.





Number of reservations




Cancellations and no shows








The planning for 2019 has been carried out automatically by Easydock with equal opportunities for all customers. We have received 2,346 reservations for the coming season. 2,326 reservations have been planned and 20 reservations are on a waiting list (only in April). The planning is published for the entire year and is available to all Easydock users.
Note: April cannot be changed for confirmed reservations except for cancellations


Berth confirmations
Reservations in the current calendar year will be confirmed as soon as possible after receipt. An administrative confirmation will be sent 30 days before ETA. Reservations for the next calendar year will be confirmed in January of next year.
The invoice address stated in Easydock will be shown on each confirmation document.


Day Tourist Tax
Port of Amsterdam began collecting a Day Tourist Tax for cruise passengers on behalf of the City of Amsterdam on 1 January 2019. This is separate from other harbour dues. A separate invoice from the City of Amsterdam will be sent. Port of Amsterdam verifies the passenger numbers provided. There is no need to submit passenger lists.


Who must pay Day Tourist Tax?
Only TRANSIT passengers for whom Amsterdam is a stopover and whose ship is moored within the city boundaries of Amsterdam are required to pay Day Tourist Tax. The tax rate is 8 euro per person, per 24 hours or a part thereof.
Crew members are exempt from Day Tourist Tax.


Declaration and payment term
The declaration is to be made preferably within 5 days (but no later than a month) of departure. The payment of the Day Tourist Tax, with reference to the declaration number, must be completed by bank transfer within one month of departure. The bank account number is stated on the declaration.


How it works
The declaration for river cruise ships is carried out via the Easydock app. Users making reservations for river cruise ships must enter the expected number of TRANSIT passengers in advance in
 Easydock. The captain must then confirm the definite number of passengers in Easydock within 5 days of departure.
The declaration is definite once the captain's approval has been received in Easydock.
The person making the reservation receives a confirmation of this declaration (declaration confirmation).

Calculation examples
Visit our website for three calculation examples and then scroll to river cruise examples.


Pricing 2019 
The tariff of the docking locations will as of 2019 depend on their location: the docking locations in the city center will be more expensive than the locations outside the city center.
The price is calculated by multiplying the tariff of the particular docking location by the length of the ship in metres (Length Over All – LOA). The tariff is applicable for a reservation window of 6 hours (pay per 6 hours or part thereof).

Check our website for the exact prices.

How to be a good neighbour
As in many other cities ´over-tourism’ is also a theme in Amsterdam. That is why we have drawn up some guidelines for the conduct of your captains, crew members and guests when visiting our port.

Need help on Easydock?

If you have any questions or encounter problems using the Easydock application, please send a message to

For more information please contact Monic van der Heyden:

Phone: 00316 51240931

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