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Edition 11, July, 2019

Summer update from Port of Amsterdam 

The season in Amsterdam started strong, as we jointly succeeded in accommodating 1,180 ships in the first half-year. April delivered another record, as we received 618 ships. Such a large volume pushes against the upper boundary of the amount of vessels we can facilitate per month. The passengers and crew, as well as the Amsterdam residents and port authority felt the consequences of too many ships in such a short time frame. As we want to provide an excellent ‘Amsterdam’ experience to our customers, we are currently working on a ‘Peak Season strategy’. This strategy will be communicated this autumn.

Planning 2020: enter your reservations in EasyDock before November 1st

At this moment, we have already received 2,150 reservations for 2020. We will accept reservation requests until November 1st, at which point we will compose the planning for 2020. On November 22nd, we will announce the planning in Amsterdam at the ‘Amsterdam Liegeplatzparty’. Invitations will be sent in the upcoming weeks.

SAIL 2020: no docking available for river cruise vessels from 10 – 20 August 2020  

From the 12th till the 16th of August 2020, Amsterdam will host many prestigious Tall Ships. These sailing legacy and navy ships will set course for Amsterdam from all corners of the world. We obviously cannot wait till these beautiful ships pass through the sea locks of IJmuiden and moor at our quays. This does however mean that there will be no docking spaces available for river cruise vessels during these festivities.

Tourist tax issues 

As communicated before, the City of Amsterdam has implemented a Day Tourist Tax for cruise passengers from January 1st onwards. This tax is only applicable to passengers for whom Amsterdam is a stopover during their journey. However, the procedure seems not be quite clear to all parties. To avoid invoices with penalties from the Tax Authority, the following instructions should be followed:

1. Fill in the maximum number of passengers for each ship in your fleet.

2. Create an EasyDock account(s) for the captains, this is needed to confirm the Sailing Reports. NOTE: take care to choose the role of ‘Captain’ for these accounts. Only accounts with this role can confirm the declaration for the tourist tax.

3. Instruct your captains about the procedure below.

How to declare Day Tourist Tax:
1. The captain confirms the definite number of passengers within 5 days of departure in EasyDock.

2. Captains of all river cruise calls must ALWAYS complete and confirm the Sailing Report in EasyDock on departure, up to a maximum of 30 days after ATD.

3. The declaration is definite once the approval of the captain has been received in EasyDock. The person making the reservation receives a declaration confirmation

4. If the declaration confirmation is not received after 30 days, an invoice will be sent based upon the MAX PAX you filled in for the ship in EasyDock.

5. Click here to watch the video on how to declare in Easydock

For more information please contact Monic van der Heyden, Commercial Manager Cruise  at Port of Amsterdam:

Phone: 00316 51240931

Port of Amsterdam is engaged in the development, operation and management of the Amsterdam port region, as well as promoting sustainable economic development throughout the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. The Amsterdam port region covers the ports of Amsterdam, Beverwijk, Zaandam and Velsen/IJmuiden.