The endowment effect and where did that Dollar go?
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My youngest daughter recently enjoyed two weeks of holiday, called the May Holiday. The first day of her holiday was Good Friday, April 19. It is Dutch logic to call that a May Holiday. Dutch Public holidays are not fixed days, so they change every year. This year it is an employer-friendly year as, for example, King’s Day and Liberation day both fell in the weekend. Unfortunately, other than for instance in the UK, such days are not moved to the next Monday in the Netherlands.


SPOTLIGHT: Increase your Service Revenue by Connecting Sales and Service!

When a product is sold, it is typically delivered with an OEM warranty, protecting the buyer from any unforeseen circumstances for a relatively short period. However, once that warranty runs out, a period of uncertainty starts for the buyer.  With an additionally offered package, this uncertainty can be covered. Manufacturers nowadays put more and more focus on growing service revenue, and many organizations recognize that extended warranty and extended service programs can be of strategic...

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WEBINAR: Dynamics Advanced Field Service is the Most Solid Extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service

Join us for this free fast-paced webinar and discover why Dynamics Advanced Field Service truly is the most solid extension available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service. Learn more about our newly added functionality and experience just how easy it is to: quickly define SLA’s for customer assets covered in an agreement and integrated with cases, use predefined KPI’s, with Work Order invoice schedule lines, and much more...

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SPOTLIGHT: How to Improve your Field Service Levels with IoT?

Imagine a Microsoft HoloLens that provides service engineers with all necessary information right in their field of vision while on the job, drones that deliver parts that were delivered late and no downtime due to IoT enabled predictive maintenance… The more physical objects and the virtual world come together, the more opportunities arise for technical service providers. The Internet of Things (IoT) ensures more efficient processes, fewer storage costs, and customer-focused sales. In addition to these commercial advantages, IoT also provides...


VIDEO: Bredenoord Wins the 2019 European Rental Association Award!

We congratulate our customer Bredenoord on winning this year’s European Rental Association’s (ERA) award   for the best rental company in the category of large rental companies! More than 280 industry delegates, as well as HSO Innovation, attended the annual convention in Madrid, Spain. The judges said: “Bredenoord is to be congratulated not only for its continuing growth but also for leading the way in developing innovative battery-powered rental solutions.” Watch our Dynamics Rental Management reference video of Bredenoord.

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SPOTLIGHT: How to Exceed Customer Field Service Expectations?

We live in a world where people have gotten used to premium quality services as delivered by companies like Amazon, Spotify, Uber, Netflix, and many more. The new experience of such services has completely transformed customer expectations and almost re-invented buying behavior. A reason why these organizations stand out is that they deliver more options, better value for the money and faster delivery. This new standard also reflects more than one type of business and this new standard will also influence the way people look at your...


SPOTLIGHT: Why Rental Companies should Move to the Cloud

Companies who want to stay on top of the game are innovative and utilize the latest technology to achieve this. The center of any of these new developments must be a stable, efficient and scalable system. Today’s new state of the art business systems run entirely in the Cloud, enabling rental companies to introduce new business initiatives. Trends which are enabled by cloud computing are, for example, IoT, Big Data and preventative analysis. Not only should rental companies nowadays not fear the Cloud anymore, but my best advice would even...

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SPOTLIGHT: How to use Digital Twins in Service and Maintenance Industries?

Within a new generation of industry-transforming technologies, ‘digital twinning’ is emerging as a popular technology. The concept involves mapping physical equipment to a digital platform. This allows organizations to gather insightful data from sensors installed on the equipment to assess performance in real-time. The service and maintenance industry is fast becoming a place where the virtual and physical are interconnected to improve operational efficiency and commercial performance. Rapid advances...

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