Information on the impact of the corona virus for the Dutch and international horticulture market
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Market update Friday 6th November 2020

In this market update you can read more about the impact of the corona crisis on the Dutch and international floriculture market.

The market update is published on a weekly basis. If you are looking for information in the interim, you can find it in the corona file 
on our website. 

In this market update:


Market developments: Week 45

The impact of the announced measures across various European countries is having knock on effects on the Royal FloraHolland marketplaces. Trade is reluctant and focused on day-trade in order to respond quickly to the changing circumstances. This week (week 45) the number of units sold on the clock was 10.7% lower than last year (cut flowers -9.7%; indoor plants -13.1%; garden plants -42.9%). The supply was also 7.2% lower with direct supply and therefore shows a deviation compared to the past months.  

The middle price on the clock was 16.1% lower this week compared to the same week last year (cut flowers -16.7%; houseplants -13.2% and garden plants +23.3%). For direct this was 5.4% lower.

The turnaround of products was still 3.6% on Monday. Partly due to the supply regulation this dropped to 1.6% today. The total unsold percentage this week was 2.8%. Normally it is slightly above 1%.     


Supply regulation scaled down

This week the supply regulation was put in place for two product groups: Gerbera, Potted Rose and Potted Chrysanthemum. The supply regulation for Potted Rose and Potted Chrysanthemum has already been terminated. The disturbing turnaround figures from last week and the beginning of this week have quickly recovered, as a result of which regulation of the clock supply is no longer necessary at the moment. In the Gerbera product group, regulation will continue. The turnaround rate there has already fallen slightly. The most up-to-date information on supply regulation can be found in the Floriday dashboard.
Royal FloraHolland keeps a close eye on international market developments, but for the time being is happy that the market is doing its job and no further intervention in the clock supply is needed.


Market developments international 

We have included the most important international market developments in a report. This report provides an update on flower and plant sales in: Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Poland, Belgium, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Kenya, Ethiopia and Israel. It is indicated how long a possible lock-down per country will last and what possible effect this has on the floriculture sales outlets.

Open the report with international market developments »

This report contains information as of Friday 6th November 9.00 a.m. Although this report has been compiled with the greatest care, it is possible that the current situation in a particular country or region is no different from that shown here. No rights can therefore be derived from the information provided in this report.


More information 

Keep an eye on the Corona file on the Royal FloraHolland website for up-to-date information about the corona virus and Royal FloraHolland. 

If you have any questions, please contact your Account Manager or Customer Service via +31 (0)88 - 789 89 89. Customer Service can also be reached via Facebook, WhatsApp (+31 (0)88-789 89 89) and email

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Royal FloraHolland has compiled the information in this message with the greatest possible care. No rights can therefore be derived from the information provided. Royal FloraHolland reserves the right to change or withdraw the information provided without further notice. Royal FloraHolland accepts no liability whatsoever for the content of this information or for any damage resulting from the use of the information provided. No part of this information or representation may be reproduced or made public without the prior written consent of Royal FloraHolland.

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