Information on the impact of the corona virus for the Dutch and international horticulture market
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Market update Tuesday 24th November 2020

In this market update you can read more about the impact of the corona crisis on the Dutch and international floriculture market.

The market update is published on a weekly basis. If you are looking for information in the interim, you can find it in the corona file 
on our website. 

In this market update:


Supply regulation expires for product group Gerbera as of 25th November 

Since Wednesday 4th November, there has been a supply regulation for the Gerbera product group. Currently, this is the only active supply regulation. 

The Crisis Management Team (CMT) has decided yesterday to stop the supply regulation for the product group from the clock supply on Wednesday November 25th

The CMT came to this decision by following the decision tree as well as deeming a supply regulation as no longer necessary. To determine whether we could stop the supply regulation for product group Gerbera within the applicable regulations, the following factors were considered: 

  • A comparison was made with the volumes currently supplied, both through the clock and through direct sales, with the volumes sold through the relevant channels in a similar period last year. The closer the volumes sold were to last year's volumes, the more reason to stop supply regulation. 
  • The throughput percentage of the Gerbera product group was analysed for the past weeks compared to the same period last year. 
  • The auctioneer also maintained extensive contact with the chairman of the FPC Gerbera with the question of whether the regulation is still justified on the basis of current data. 

In the coming weeks we will continue to monitor developments in supply and percentages of unsold products. 


Mouth masks mandatory as of December 1st 2020 

In accordance with the guidelines issued by the Central Government and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) to wear (non-medical) mouth masks in public indoor spaces, you will be required to wear a mouth mask at Royal FloraHolland's marketplace as of 1st December 2020. The auction room will be exempt from this requirement as long as you are seated. It is, however, mandatory to wear a mouth mask for the walking route to and from your seat.  

Wearing a non-medical mouth mask does not replace the 1.5-metre rule. It is important that you always keep the 1.5 meter distance from another person and in addition, use a (non-medical) mouth mask. You are personally responsible for compliance with the corona rules in your box area. 

The safety of users of our marketplace is paramount. We therefore ask you to actively observe the guidelines for the use of our marketplace and the RIVM guidelines. This is the only way we can create a safe marketplace. 


Merging of the Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk auction rooms continues

From 2nd November 2020, it will only be possible to purchase via Remote Buying (KOA) or a KOA Tribune Workplace (KTW). Purchasing via the buttons in the stand bench is no longer an option.  The current auction room benches will be converted into KOA Tribune Workplaces and auction rooms in Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk will be merged. 

Because of the stricter guidelines in our marketplace, the merging of the auction rooms in Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk has been postponed for a few weeks. Based on the current occupancy, the postponement of the migration is no longer necessary. The relocation of auction room E (Aalsmeer) to auction room G will be restarted this week. The relocation of auction room C (Naaldwijk) to D has already taken place.
Also by merging these auction rooms, we guarantee that you can keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters at our stands. On busy days in Aalsmeer, it is still possible to move to tribune E and in Naaldwijk to tribune C.


Prepare for an inspection by the Social Affairs and Employment Inspectorate

Last Wednesday, an unannounced large-scale inspection by the Social Affairs and Employment Inspectorate (SZW, formerly the Labour Inspectorate) took place at the Naaldwijk location. During this inspection, 18 inspectors inspected several tenants/owners on site in the context of working conditions and the guidelines around the Coronavirus of the RIVM and Rijksoverheid. We informally understood that the inspections were predominantly positive and that only warnings were issued. 

We foresee a great possibility that the SZW inspection team will come to inspect the other locations. If you want to prepare for this inspection, please check whether all measures have been taken as described in the Corona files of Central Government and RIVM. 


Market developments international 

We have included the most important international market developments in a report. This report (PDF) provides an update on flower and plant sales in: Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Poland, Belgium, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Kenya, Ethiopia and Israel. It is indicated how long a possible lock-down per country takes and what effect this (possibly) has on the floriculture sales outlets.  

Open the report with international market developments »

This report contains information as known at 10:00 a.m. on Monday 23rd November. Although this report has been compiled with the greatest care, it is possible that the current situation in a particular country or region is different from what it shows. No rights can be derived from this report.


More information 

Keep an eye on the Corona file on the Royal FloraHolland website for up-to-date information about the corona virus and Royal FloraHolland. 

If you have any questions, please contact your Account Manager or Customer Service via +31 (0)88 - 789 89 89. Customer Service can also be reached via Facebook, WhatsApp (+31 (0)88-789 89 89) and email

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