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NE Network meeting for IE and PAs

 Free access to flu vaccination for PA’s  

All frontline health and social care workers are encouraged to get the winter flu vaccination and for the first time, this year, PAs will be able to access the vaccine free of charge from GPs and community pharmacies through the NHS Complementary Scheme. 
Full, bespoke guidance for PAs and direct payment holders has been developed and will be published shortly. In the meantime, the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has asked us to share with you a summary of the guidance, along with a letter than can be used as proof of entitlement. This is so that PAs can begin to access the flu vaccination now.
To access the scheme, PAs will simply need to attend a GP surgery or community pharmacy and identify themselves as a PA. Sometimes people have been asked to provide proof of their entitlement to a free flu vaccination and the attached letter can be used for identification.

The process for PAs to access the flu vaccination, is as follows:

 Step 1 

Print this letter

 Step 2  

Employers should complete the letter, to prove that their PA is employed. Once the PA has this, this will act as their ‘letter of entitlement’ to the vaccination.

 Step 3 

They will then need to visit their local GP or community pharmacist, who will be able to give them the flu vaccination. If they need to prove their entitlement, they can use the letter of entitlement and a copy of the guidance (when published).

 Step 4 

The vaccination will then be given to them, free of charge.