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Delta Light

Delta Light has released more new and innovative products to meet the growing demand for high-quality architectural lighting with luxurious finishes, and playful silhouettes.   

Soon announcing online sessions to present to you this exciting new collection! In the meantime, please feel free to contact us to order a sample of what you like! Email marketing@deltalight.us



An updated whimsical take on a traditional lighting type: Lass-oh is a refreshing new style of suspended linear luminaire.  Available in straight linear runs or rounded squares and rectangles, Lass-Oh! is boasts a slim cylindrical form encompassing clusters of LEDs with optional accessories to further enhance its unique aesthetic.

Color options: Black or Gold Colored Anodized
Each LED cluster is 6W and 465lm delivered
Linear lengths:
5' option for 2 or 3 LED clusters
7' option for 3 or 4 LED clusters
11' option for 4 or 6 LED clusters
Rectilinear shapes:
2'x4' rectangle
2'x5' rectangle
2'x2' square



Magnetic Profiles

A Delta Light classic has acquired a few new highly anticipated features!  We heard you loud and clear: Specifiers all over the world have asked us for rounded corners for our profiles, so we delivered!  Our standard made-to-measure Shiftline profile with all it's magnetic capabilities for both surface mount and recessed, now come with optional rounded corners.


A luxurious minimalist design that can be used in a variety of applications.  The Needle's slim silhouette offers a variety of options for color, adjustability, beam angle and mounting types. 
Create playful clusters with multiple fixtures, or highlight its modern simplicity as a single luminaire.

10W 509lm delivered.
13° or 33° beam spread
Color options: Black Bronze or Flemish Gold
Mounting options: Trimless (with mud kit), surface mount with plate, or double fixture on single mounting plate.



At first glance, Jazzy could be miss-characterized as just another mono-point.  Looking further though, you notice the thoughtful engineering and detail that was put into design elements such as hiding the adjustable hinge in its rounded form. Just like our Spy fixture, Jazzy has 2 distinct surface mount options: CLIP: a cleaner flush mounted option or ON: fully surface mounted when you don't have extra plenum space.

7W, 503lm
90° tilt and 355° rotation
20° or 40° beam spread
Color options: 
Black, White, Flemish Gold, Flemish Bronze, Gold Matt, Silver Grey