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June 2021

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Data Analysis Bulletin from Housemark

Welcome to your June Data Analysis Bulletin! Our data and research team is available for any queries either by phone on 024 7647 2707 or via email at           


Updates to Monthly Pulse reports

Following the launch of our new Monthly Pulse data collection exercise last month, we received a fantastic response with more than 140 member organisations taking part. This number is set to increase as we move into the second month of collection.

As a new product for 2021 to provide you with on-time insight, we are keen to hear any feedback you may have regarding the process, the KPIs or the definitions. Please send your thoughts to

We have already had some early feedback and as a result have made a few small changes. These will not effect the data that has already been provided; rather it expands the current guidance to ensure participants better understand the methodology.


What members said

What we did

Percentage of tenants satisfied with the overall service their landlord provides - perceptional (in month)

A number of members have reported that they are not able to provide data for this measure due to the timing of their STAR surveys. We have therefore expanded the guidance to add further clarification as to which providers this measure applies to.

Added a note to guidance as follows: you can only enter data for this measure if your STAR survey type is 'ongoing' or is a 'rolling' survey. If you collect data quarterly, you may enter data on the months that you carry out the survey (e.g. April, July, October, January). If your survey type is 'one-off', please enter your STAR satisfaction scores in the STAR data entry form.

Percentage of repairs completed right first time

There was some confusion as to whether this measure was reporting contractor performance or the perception of the tenant, and it is the latter, in line with the White Paper. We do collect an operative based KPI within our Annual Performance module – repairs completed first visit.

KPI title changed to ‘Satisfaction with repairs completed right first time.’

True current tenant arrears at the end of the month (%)

A number of members queried the definition of a ‘True’ arrear and requested clarification on whether adjustments for Housing Benefit payments were acceptable. The figure we are looking for is the ‘best balance’ figure and therefore should be adjusted for pending benefits payments.

Definition has been expanded and a worked example added for clarification.


Please refer to the online guidance prior to submitting your May data for updated definitions if you are unclear – the deadline for submission is Tuesday, 15 June .


Upcoming data submission dates for your diary

15 June – Monthly Pulse data submission deadline for May data

30 June – Annual Performance data submission deadline

30 June – Participation begins for our new Building Safety research project

Remember that in order to participate in any of our data collection exercises, you will need to first complete and submit your ‘Benchmarking Options’ via our online data entry platform Nexus. If you need and support in doing this, please contact the data team on 02476472707.

Additional fields for 2020/21 data collection

In light of renewed focus on energy efficiency and decarbonisation, we are adding to following fields to the ‘Stock’ section of your data submission for the 2020/21 financial year and subsequent years.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) bands:

  • Percentage of units that have an EPC rating of A - 92-100 SAP points (most efficient)
  • Percentage of units that have an EPC rating of B - 81-91 SAP points
  • Percentage of units that have an EPC rating of C - 69-80 SAP points
  • Percentage of units that have an EPC rating of D - 55-68 SAP points
  • Percentage of units that have an EPC rating of E - 39-54 SAP points
  • Percentage of units that have an EPC rating of F - 21-38 SAP points
  • Percentage of units that have an EPC rating of G - 1-20 SAP points (least efficient)

In order to better quantify the impact of COVID-19 on landlord finances, we are also adding three new cost input fields for 2020/21 financial year:

In the headline financials section – ‘income from furlough payments’. This field is required whether or not you opted into the detail for this module.

In the non-pay costs section, two new fields within central overheads:

  • Personal protective equipment
  • Other exceptional COVID-19 related expenditure

These fields are only required if you opt into detail for the central overheads category.

Finally, for the employee section please complete as you would in an ordinary year – there is no need to make adjustments for staff who were furloughed or whose duties were temporarily affected by the pandemic. To capture this we have added two new automated validation queries where you can optionally advise us if there were any significant differences as a result of the pandemic:

  • Can you advise which staff (if any) were furloughed and for how long?
  • Can you advise of any staff redeployed to other roles and for how long?

Any qualitative information supplied in response to these queries will be taken into account when providing you with your 2020/21 analysis.

The above fields will all go live for data entry before the end of June. For further queries and definitions, please refer to our online guidance or contact the data helpline: 024 7647 2707 or email


Quarterly Forecast Report - please share your thoughts

Our first Quarterly Forecast Report survey will take place in July. Based on a short survey of open-ended questions and benchmarking data, the report will deliver high-level insight, forecast outturns, and share best practice examples to give you the confidence to make in-year decisions about the future of your business. The first Quarter will focus on the topic Neighbourhood and Community and you have the opportunity to influence the questions we ask. What are the issues you are grappling with? How are you looking to manage neighbourhoods in a post-pandemic world? How are changes in lifestyle affecting the way you plan and manage communities? If you have any suggestions for the first Quarterly Survey, please get in touch with John Wickenden, Research Manager by 15 June.


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