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Data Provision Notice: GPES Data for Pandemic Planning & Research (COVID-19)

Dear General Practice manager(s), 

We are contacting you regarding the GPES Data for Pandemic Planning & Research (COVID-19) data collection.

A Data Provision Notice (DPN) has now been issued for the collection of this data collection.

The purpose of the data collection is to respond to the intense demand for GP data to be shared in support of vital planning and research for COVID-19 purposes. 

The data, as specified by the DPN, supports a Direction from the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care. Organisations that are in scope of the notice are legally required to comply. This collection is also supported by the BMA and the RCGP.

General practices will be sent an offer via the CQRS (Calculating Quality Reporting Service) to participate in the collection. This offer must be accepted. The CQRS participation window will run in parallel with the technical development of the extract. General Practice must therefore accept the invitation before 27 May 2020 to be included in the initial extract. Given the importance of this collection to supporting vital COVID-19 planning and research and to reduce burden for General Practice, General Practices are encouraged to approve the collection as soon as possible.

As NHS Digital is collecting personal data from General Practices through this collection, General Practices have a legal duty to be transparent and to provide patients with transparency information under GDPR about the data they are sharing with NHS Digital.

General Practices therefore need to update their own Transparency Notices on their websites to include details of this collection. NHS Digital has produced a template General Practice Transparency Notice which GPs can use to do this here.

About GPES Data for Pandemic Planning & Research (COVID-19) data collection
The General Practice Extraction Service (GPES) will extract the required data on a fortnightly basis until the expiry of the COVID-19 Direction.

The GPES data extraction will identify all patients currently registered with a General Practice or with a date of death on or after 1 November 2019 whose record contain coded information relevant to pandemic planning and research.

For each patient, NHS Digital will require the following personal data.

  • NHS Number 
  • postcode 
  • address 
  • surname and forename 
  • sex 
  • ethnicity 
  • date of birth 
  • date of death.
Data will be extracted for the associated SNOMED code(s) and date(s) for GP record entries including:
  • diagnoses and findings
  • medications and other prescribed items
  • investigations, tests and results
  • treatments and outcomes
  • vaccinations and immunisations.
There is a dedicated section about Data Provision Notices and Directions on our website.

You are receiving this communication because you are listed as the main contact by the CQC (Care Quality Commission) for Primary Medical Services. If you need to amend these details, please contact the CQC directly.