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Mental Health Information Update March 2021

This regular update includes the latest information and relevant updates on all mental health data sets that we collect. You are receiving this email because you have asked to receive mental health news from NHS Digital.

Copyright Law: Important Notice
Before using some of the outcome assessments and scales contained within both the MHSDS and IAPT data sets you are required by UK law to obtain permission from the NHS Digital Copyright Licensing Service.

Translations for the following IAPT outcome assessments are now available in Arabic, Bengali, Gujarati, Polish, Punjabi and Urdu:
  • Body Image Questionnaire Weekly (BIQ)
  • Mobility Inventory (MI)
  • Obsessive Compulsive Inventory (OCI)
  • Panic Disorder Severity Scale (PDSS)
  • PCL-5Social Phobia Inventory (SPIN)
  • Work and Social Adjustment Scale (WSAS)
The translations are all available to request from the library on the Copyright Licensing Service web page.

The Chalder Fatigue Scale (CFQ 11) from the IAPT data set is also now available to request from the library.

Intermediate Database (IDB) GuidanceIn response to user feedback, the Data Set Development Service and the Data Liaison Service have produced documents for IAPT and MHSDS designed to assist providers with the steps required when preparing the IDB prior to submission to the SDCS Cloud.  This IAPT guidance document is available via the IAPT webpage and the MHSDS document from the MHSDS webpages

Improving Access to Psychological Therapies Data Set (IAPT) news 

IAPT providers are expected to see an increase in mental health issues as a direct result of the pandemic. NHS England and Improvement have issued guidance to detail the SNOMED codes recommended for submission to the IAPT dataset for recording occupational exposure to COVID-19 and whether a patient is suffering from long Covid. These will be used for national analysis of IAPT data and should also be appropriate for local use.

IAPT submission dates
The IAPT submission window dates for the first six months of 2021/22 are:
Activity month Submission window opens Submission window closes at 11:59:59pm
April 2021 (P) Saturday 1 May 2021 Friday 28 May 2021
April 2021 (R) & May 2021 (P) Tuesday 1 June 2021 Friday 25 June 2021
May 2021 (R) & June 2021 (P) Thursday 1 July 2021 Tuesday 27 July 2021
June 2021 (R) & July 2021 (P) Sunday 1 August 2021 Thursday 26 August 2021
July 2021 (R) & August 2021 (P) Wednesday 1 September 2021 Monday 27 September 2021
August 2021 (R) & September 2021 (P) Friday 1 October 2021 Wednesday 27 October 2021

Mental Health Services Data Set (MHSDS) news
MHSDS Webpages

We have made some amendments to the Mental Health Services Data Set webpages, which includes some amendments to the MHSDS Technical Output Specification v4.1.11. Please refer to the change control tab for further details. We have also included a new Technical Output Specification (TOS) for v5.0, with additional supporting documentation to follow. Please note that the TOS for v5.0 is not live until October 2021, the current TOS for submissions is still v4.1. 

We have also recently amended the scope sections on the webpages for further clarification.

MHSDS submission dates
The MHSDS submission window dates for the first six months of 2021/22 are:

Activity month(Each month of data must be submitted in a separate file) Cut of data taken at 11:59:59pm
April 2021 Friday 21 May 2021
April to May 2021 Friday 18 June 2021
April to June 2021 Tuesday 20 July 2021
April to July 2021 Thursday 19 August 2021
April to August 2021 Monday 20 September 2021
April to September 2021 Wednesday 20 October 2021
April to September 2021 (final v4.1 submission) Thursday 18 November 2021

Note that as MHSDS v5.0 is planned to start from October 2021 data then no further submission of v4.1 data (April to September data) will be allowed after 18 November 2021.

Future events and webinars
SNOMED in MHSDS – Data Quality Dashboard webinar

Monday 22 March 11am – 12pm 
This MHSDS webinar will provide an overview of a new dashboard that looks at the SNOMED items reported in MHSDS. The dashboard reports on where SNOMED is in MHSDS, the quality of the data and ideas on how to improve the usage of SNOMED. SNOMED is a clinical terminology used to electronically record patient details such as procedures, diagnosis, and outcomes.

There will be a live demonstration of the dashboard and time for questions and answers.

MHSDS Table and Data Item Level Data Quality Dashboard webinar
Thursday 25 March 10am – 11am
This MHSDS webinar will provide an overview of a dashboard in development that looks at the completion of tables and data items in the MHSDS. The dashboard reports on completion levels by region and provider with further information on validity of data and the use of ‘other’ categories.

There will be a live demonstration of the dashboard and time for questions and answers.

Further details about upcoming webinars, including how to join, will be advertised on the NHS Digital events page .

If there are any subject areas that you would like to be covered, please email your suggestions to dataset.development@nhs.net or mhsdsdq@nhsdigital.nhs.uk

Previous events and webinars
Autism Waiting Times Statistics Overview webinar

This webinar took place on Wednesday 27 January 2021 and provided an overview of the recently developed Autism Waiting Times Experimental Statistics series

The webinar outlined the purpose of the statistics, the methodological approach taken, and future planned developments. There was also a summary of the data quality considerations providers need to understand when submitting data about autism diagnostic pathways. 

Key points discussed included: 
  • the methodologies in determining waiting times for those with suspected or diagnosed autism, and how the waiting time measures differ
  • key data items needed for us to produce accurate and representative statistics
  • updates planned for early 2021 onwards to build on and strengthen the measures.
The purpose of strengthening these statistics is ultimately to improve care for those entering an autism diagnosis pathway.

If you have any questions regarding this webinar, please email mh.analysis@nhs.net

SNOMED CT in mental health
You can visit the NHS Digital sharing website to find useful publications; education and training materials; animations; live webinars and much more. If you have any specific SNOMED CT mental health related queries, please contact the team at snomed.implementation@nhs.net 

Mental Health of Children and Young People 2021
A further follow up survey of parents, children and young people who took part in the 2017 survey is taking place during February and March 2021. We last followed up with this cohort in July 2020 to understand their experiences of the first lockdown. This latest follow up will allow us to understand any changes since then. The survey covers health and wellbeing, contact with family and friends, feelings about body, diet, experiences and thoughts during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Publication news
Excess under 75 mortality rate in adults with serious mental illness

New data for the ‘Excess under 75 mortality rate in adults with serious mental illness’ indicator was published on 17 December under the NHS Outcomes Framework. This indicator has been redeveloped with a new methodology and is released with new data for the first time since 2016. Over the next few months, we will be providing additional data by CCG and condition, as well as bringing the indicator data more up to date

Mental Health Data Hub
The Mental Health Data Hub is a collection of interactive dashboards and useful links covering mental health data in England. You can continue to send any comments and suggestions to mh.analysis@nhs.net

Mental Health Services Monthly Statistics
The Mental Health Services Monthly Statistics reports are published on the second Thursday of the month.

Mental Health Act Annual Publication
The 2019-20 Mental Health Act Statistics were published on 27 October 2020.

Mental Health Bulletin Annual Publication
The Mental Health Bulletin statistics annual figures 2019-20 were published on 28 January 2021. This publication includes additional demographic breakdowns as well as several new measures that cover referrals on Early Intervention for Psychosis (EIP) pathways, people in perinatal period with an open mental health referral, discharges followed up within 72 hours of discharge and referrals and contacts with memory services teams for people with dementia.

Learning Disability Services Monthly Statistics
The monthly Learning Disability Services Monthly Statistics are published on the third Thursday of the month and use data from both the Assuring Transformation (AT) collection and MHSDS. 

Autism Statistics
The Autism Statistics Series was updated in August and September to establish a quarterly release cycle. These statistics expand on the waiting times measures published in November 2019, calculating waiting times for two cohorts of patients relevant to autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnostic pathways.

The 10 December 2020 release has further geographical breakdowns implemented, including CCG and STP breakdowns. This is in addition to existing provider level figures published in previous editions. The forward model denominator has been updated to improve the measurements, and additional measures showing the source of referrals diagnosed with autism in the reverse model statistics. 

Improving Access to Psychological Services (IAPT) publications
The monthly Psychological Therapies, Report on the use of IAPT services are published on the second Thursday of the month and report on core IAPT data and the Employment Adviser (EA) pilot. 

Recently, the November 2020 Final was published. For this publication, data from the Employment Advisers Pilot was brought into the interactive dashboard. Additionally, two further sections were included in the IAPT Guidance Document to outline legacy changes to provider or system supplier and a worked example of how providers can pivot the 'long and skinny' CSVs to appear as the 'wide and short' format used in the IAPT v1.5 publications. 

Other news
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