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Three new waste collection points
In the Afrikahaven, on the Stromboliweg and the Jan van Riebeeckhaven
Free parking in the port of Amsterdam
Take a look at the map on our website
More capacity for push barges in the Westhaven
Space for a total of eight large barges
Handy and free assistance in finding a vacant berth

Three new waste collection points

From Mid-August, containers for household waste, glass and paper will be placed at the vehicle transfer points in the Afrikahaven, on the Stromboliweg and the Jan van Riebeeckhaven. The household waste container can be operated using a SAB ecocard. A card is not necessary for the other containers. The disposal of domestic waste, paper and glass is free. If you would like to know more about disposing waste in the port of Amsterdam, please visit our website.


Free parking in the port of Amsterdam

You have to pay for parking in Amsterdam; we unfortunately can’t do much about this. But did you know there is free parking in the port of Amsterdam specially for those working in the inland navigation sector? You can find a map showing the complimentary parking at our website.

More capacity for push barges in the Westhaven

Since June the capacity for mooring push barges has been increased in the Westhaven. The three smaller and three larger areas have been expanded, now making space for a total of eight large barges. You can find an overview of this at www.portofamsterdam.com/nl/scheepvaart/havenkaart.


Expansion of container barge corridor Amsterdam

In June, the inland terminals CTU in Lelystad, HOV Harlingen and Westerman Multimodal Logistics in Hasselt joined the North West Central Corridor, a partnership (set up in February 2019 by TMA Logistics, CTU and VCL) of deep-sea terminals, inlands terminals and inland navigation shipping companies on the Amsterdam-Utrecht-Rotterdam inland waterway route.

In a period of three months, the North West Central Corridor has grown from five to eight terminals, bringing the total shipping volume to 6,500 TEUs per week. By combining capacity, knowledge and cargo, the parties truly make a difference, resulting in a better logistical product as well as making the transport of containers over water more attractive!

If you would like to find out more, take a look at
the vlog boatmaster and inland navigation vlogger Liana Engibarjan has made about this.
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RiverGuide, handy and free assistance in finding a vacant berth

The RiverGuide app has been in use for two years now. RiverGuide is a handy tool that provides boatmasters with up-to-date information on, for example, routes, berth availability, drinking water points and vehicle transfer points. The aim is to make the passage of barges smoother and safer. RiverGuide is a national app that was developed together with the Dutch Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat) and various provincial authorities and ports.

For further information and free registration for RiverGuide: http://riverguide.eu/.  

The extension surcharge and early booking discount stop as of 1 August 2019

At Port of Amsterdam we are constantly looking for ways to make it easier and simpler for you to report your Inland Harbour Dues. You have informed us that the various discounts and surcharges are leading to additional recordkeeping and some confusion. That is why we are simplifying the procedure for you.

As of 1 August 2019, the extension surcharge and early booking discount will stop. You can still make your report and any changes up to 28 days after your arrival. It is important, however, that you ensure that the report has been submitted to us no later than 28 days after arrival. The early booking discount and extension surcharge will still apply for reports submitted before 1 August 2019.


Launch of the FlexFueler, the LNG bunkering pontoon

On 26 June, Titan LNG together with Port of Amsterdam held the launching ceremony for the ‘FlexFueler 001’. This launch heralded the official start to the efficient bunkering of inland shipping in the ARA region. The FlexFueler is the first bunkering pontoon specifically for LNG in Europe. The FlexFueler contributes to realising Port of Amsterdam’s goal of developing into one of the cleanest and most sustainable ports in the world.
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