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Amsterdam, we will help you navigate your way!            Number 2, November 2019             
Saving on harbour dues for barges with Poseidon
Benefits for push barge operators and ports alike 
Emission-free entry into Amsterdam
The Sendo Liners will be doing it from 2020 onwards
Thank you for your feedback!
We really do make use of it
New waste containers for household waste, paper and glass
At Haparandadam, Afrikahaven, Stromboliweg and Jan Riebeeckhaven

Saving on harbour dues for push barges with Poseidon

Push barges occupy an important position at Port of Amsterdam. Literally, since they take up about 100,000 m2 of water surface area. There are currently enough places for over 100 push barges. And that sometimes means having to compromise on space. That is why Port of Amsterdam has developed the "Poseidon" platform. Poseidon makes it possible to digitally chart the presence of push barges in port areas. Another benefit is the automation of inland harbour dues statements and information provision about the berths available for push barges. And that saves time and money.

Rob Smit, Hinterland Manager at Port of Amsterdam: "Poseidon offers advantages for push barge operators as well as for us. From now on, push barges with trackers can be charged according to their length of stay. That does away with the need to report the information manually. For the port, it means that we have a clear overview of the occupancy rate and are able to tell our customers where the available push barge spaces are."

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Emission-free entry into Amsterdam: The Sendo Liners will be doing it from 2020 onwards

Is Port of Amsterdam in sight? Then it is time to turn the diesel engine off and the electric motor on. That's the agreement that has been made with Sendo Shipping. By 2020, two of their Sendo Liners will be entering the port of Amsterdam emission-free. Port of Amsterdam has a stake in these new ships in the form of a loan. The Sendo Liners are inventive hybrid container ships. Much lower emissions, much lower fuel consumption and more cargo space. No less than 8% extra loading capacity! That's exactly one extra container length.
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Thank you for your feedback, we really do make use of it

Since last year, we have been asking inland navigation operators for feedback after their visits to our port. This experiment is going so well that we have decided to continue it. The feedback provides Port of Amsterdam with a lot of information that we can immediately start work on. After they submit a statement for inland harbour dues, the inland navigation operators are sent an invitation to give us feedback. The most frequently heard feedback in the past year? Not enough waste disposal points, difficulty in finding a suitable berth, water pressure too low and the need for inexpensive parking spaces. And then there was the skipper who told us that his wife had to lie flat on the quay every time to connect the ship-to-shore power.

The feedback is combined and action is taken. Skippers are sent an email or phoned if they still want an answer to their question. If it turns out that there is a lot of uncertainty about a particular subject, we adjust the website accordingly. For example, it is now more clearly indicated where the waste disposals points can be found and where there are free parking spaces.

We also receive positive feedback: inland navigation operators tell us that they are happy with the expertise of the employees and the speed at which matters are resolved. Another plus point we often hear: the new berths at Afrikahaven and the app for registering ships for inland harbour dues.

The response to questions is good, but there's still room for improvement. Stefanie Meltzer, Project Manager for Customer Experience & Digital at Port of Amsterdam: "It really is worth giving us feedback. We read everything and take immediate action. At the moment, the response rate is about 25%. We hope that more people will take the trouble to give us feedback. That will help us to provide a better service and to identify any needs." 


New waste containers for household waste, paper and glass

It sometimes took a while for skippers to find a waste container. This had to do with the information supply, but also with capacity. The capacity is therefore being increased. Arjan de Kremer, Harbour Master’s Division Advisor at Port of Amsterdam: “Household waste, paper and glass can now be taken to the vehicle transfer points at Haparandadam, Afrikahaven, Stromboliweg and Jan Riebeeckhaven. We're still looking for ways of adding even more places. What we do know at this stage is that three new containers are also being placed at Australiëhaven.”

Waste disposal is free of charge, so no debit is made from the SAB ecocard. That card must however be used to open the containers. That is only necessary to dispose the household waste. No card is needed to open the glass and paper containers.

You can find all facilities in the port of Amsterdam on
our website.

New inland navigation pages at portofamsterdam.com

Employees were asked a striking number of the same questions. Questions about vehicle transfer points, for example. Or free parking. There was also a lot of confusion about the locations of the waste containers. And that might well have been just the tip of the iceberg. Stefanie Meltzer: "Skippers are not quick to complain. They often sort things out for themselves. Take for example the boatmaster who stored his waste and took it back to his home town in the back of the car because he could not find a garbage container soon enough. Of course, there's no need for that. That's why we have put all the information even more clearly in a single place. See: https://www.portofamsterdam.com/en/shipping/inland-shipping/inland-shipping. 

At Port of Amsterdam you will find that a great many things are very well organised. It is just that we had hidden it a bit on the website at times. We have changed that now. These days we have everything you need for your visit to the port of Amsterdam. You can directly arrange things yourself, such as submitting statements or applying for a permit. Or you can find handy overviews of all available berths and facilities. And if there is something you can not find? Please give us your feedback using the yellow feedback button on
our website.

Which skippers are coming on board with us?

For our next edition of the Inland Shipping Bulletin we are looking for skippers who are willing to share their experiences about our port. Are we welcome to visit you on board? If so, we would like to contact you for an interview. You will be able to read the outcome in this bulletin and on our website. Interested? Please get in touch with: marcella.wesseling@portofamsterdam.com.