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Edition 12, 2020

2020-2024 Strategy

Amsterdam is gaining in popularity among river cruise passengers, which means that demand is rising as every year goes by. But the number of berths is going down. How can we keep everyone happy? That was the central question for defining our strategy for 2020-2024. The answer? We do our best, but sometimes we have to take steps that not everyone welcomes. We have to take them because of the local authority's new tourist policy, urban expansion and our aim to be a clean and sustainable port. Fortunately, there has always been a constructive dialogue between Port of Amsterdam and the shipping companies. The difficulties are mutually understood. Read the spearheads for 2020-2024 on our website.

River Cruise Conference

The River Cruise Conference was held on Friday, November 22. Port of Amsterdam was not alone in unveiling its new strategy. The City of Amsterdam also presented its vision on the future of river cruises. This gave rise to interesting and impassioned debates. River cruises are gaining popularity among tourists, but that sometimes causes friction and challenges for policymakers. Continuous efforts must be made to achieve a good balance in the city, in terms of both tourism and sustainability.
Subjects covered at the conference included:

  • The Strategy of the City of Amsterdam
  • The Strategy of Port of Amsterdam
  • Ship-to-shore power
  • Using a battery as an extra power supply
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Easydock
  • The berth planning for 2020

Customer satisfaction

We at Port of Amsterdam always do our best. But is our best always enough? To find answers to this question we pay a lot of attention to customer satisfaction. We ask skippers, decision-makers and employees for feedback. The frequency changes from once a month to after each visit. We would also like our visitors to actively give us feedback on their own initiative. We intend to facilitate this by producing QR codes. You'll find them at every berth in the near future. Scan the code and take the opportunity to give feedback. We'll get straight down to work on it. Together we will ensure that Port of Amsterdam facilitates river cruises even better.

Ship-to-shore power

It is a well-known problem there is not always enough power supply for the river cruise vessels. That's why it's high time we tackled ship-to-shore power. A package of measures is being launched to ensure that every vessel gets all the power it needs.

With this aim in mind, we have conducted an extensive analysis of the vessels that arrive and their power consumption. This data will make it possible in the future to calculate the needs more accurately and to determine how much wind and solar energy must be purchased. We will match supply and demand with smart software. This is in line with our ambitions for a circular economy.

Modifications are also being made to the ship-to-shore power at De Ruijterkade Oost and West and Westerdoksdijk. Finally, in the spring of 2020, we will be carrying out a trial with a battery to absorb peak loads. This will makes us less dependent on power supplier Liander. This huge battery, housed in a container, provides extra power when required.


Easydock: automatic berth planning

Easydock is our berth reservation system. It has been in use for two years now and is still under development. Why? Because we really do make use of the feedback we receive. We continuously adapt the interface to increase its user-friendliness. We're now ready for the 19th version. What hasn’t changed is that we always aim first and foremost to get you to the place of your first preference. The update includes:
  • The option to arrange a transfer to a tour boat in Easydock
  • Leaving more time in the reservations between departure and arrival makes us even better able to efficiently handle applications.
  • Party boats can also make their reservations through Easydock. Accounts are furthermore consolidated.
  • There is a clear alert when there are new messages.
  • To increase clarity, vessels that are no longer in service have been removed from the database.
  • Shifts are being reduced. Our aims is to minimise movements. This means that we make every effort to allocate vessels to a single docking point.
  • Reservations under option are also displayed.
  • From now on, doors will be matched so that as many vessels as possible are placed alongside each other with the entrance on the same side to make it easy to move from one vessel to another.

Operational communications for the 2020 season

  • There will be no berths from 8 to 20 August during SAIL 2020.
  • For April 2020, there are already 109 more applications than berths. The berths that are available will be allocated on the basis of the most efficient layout on all jetties.
  • As of 21 August, berths 4, 5 and 6 on Ruijterkade Oost will be discontinued. In the 2021 season there will be two 110-metre berths in their place.
  • Azartplein will no longer be used for river cruise vessels.
  • The plan to create extra berths at the Passenger Terminal depends on the future of the PTA and therefore remains feasible.
  • Wilhelminasluis is closed from 6 January 2020 to 31 May 2020.
  • The Bodemcentrum and the Burcht are closed from 30-3-2020 to 7-6-2020.
  • Berths can be cancelled free of charge up until 1 February 2020. After that there will be no refunds.

Tourist Tax issues

Since January 1st the Day Tourist Tax was introduced for all TRANSIT cruise passengers in Amsterdam.
To avoid fines we like to remind you to follow the declaration procedure as indicated on
our website and instruct your captains to confirm the Sailing reports.

Main steps:
  • Create a “captain” account in Easydock
  • For each call a tourist tax declaration is required, even if you only have TURNAROUND passengers on board
  • Always fill in the Sailing Report, even if you only have TURNAROUND passengers on board
  • Type a “zero” if you have zero passengers, if you do not type this figure, the declaration is not valid.
  • Confirmation by your captains is needed, you can prepare the declaration by already filling in the Sailing Report.
  • However, the captain always has to confirm this declaratrion by clicking the checkbox in the Sailing Report.

For more information please contact Monic van der Heyden, Commercial Manager Cruise  at Port of Amsterdam:

Email: monic.van.der.heyden@portofamsterdam.com
Phone: 00316 51240931

Port of Amsterdam is engaged in the development, operation and management of the Amsterdam port region, as well as promoting sustainable economic development throughout the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. The Amsterdam port region covers the ports of Amsterdam, Beverwijk, Zaandam and Velsen/IJmuiden.