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June 2020

River cruises welcome back in Amsterdam from June 15th 

Since March, no sailing cruise vessel could be found in the port of Amsterdam. Together with the Security Region, Port of Amsterdam decided to suspend cruise from the port for safety reasons. Suspending entrance to the port for sea and river cruises, was not an easy decision. Not only cruiselines, but also many Amsterdam entrepreneurs and self-employed persons have been hit hard by the coronacrisis.
This is why Port of Amsterdam is eager to facilitate the reboot of the river cruise. We are very happy to announce that the Emergency Ordinance offers room to start sailing from June 1st onwards, with a maximum of 30 persons on board and following the national guidelines, like 1.5 meters of distance and additional hygiene measures.

Port of Amsterdam is following
the national COVID-19 guidelines and planning. The government also communicated the guidelines for holidays, which could be useful for your passengers.

We are allowed to open the port for river cruise ships from June 15th under the strict conditions that the national COVID-19 guidelines are followed. Hereby we would like to inform you about our conditions.



  1. 1.5 meters social distance required on board of the ship and in the public spaces of Amsterdam.
  2. Hygienic measures on board according to the IG Rivercruise/EBU guidelines.
  3. Limited number of passengers of 30 until July 1st.
    This also goes for restaurants, cafes, musea, theatres, attractions and other public spaces.
  4. Limited number of passengers of 100 from July 1st.
    This also goes for restaurants, cafes, musea, theatres, attractions and other public spaces.
  5. Gradual restart of the river cruise business, which involves:
    - No double dockings
    - Small boat/bike ships welcome in June
    - From July 15th gradually allow more ships
    - Port of Amsterdam assigns a dockingplace
    - Crowd control measures on the docking locations

If you want to know more about the conditions please go to our website.


Important information about your existing reservations and new reservations

As we want to start gradually with a limited number of docking places, it is important that we define some rules regarding reservations and cancellations. We also want to avoid ‘fake reservations’ and no shows. Therefore it is important that you take note of the following:

All existing reservations from July 1st will be re-examined as we want to be sure that cruise lines have adapted the IG Rivercruise/EBU guidelines and can guarantee that the number of passengers is maximum 100.

The reservations will be confirmed monthly after the cancellation deadlines as mentioned below.

JUNE Reservations
As we are already fully booked until July 1st, reservations for June cannot be made anymore.

JULY Reservations
In Easydock we still have a lot of reservations for July.
We kindly request you to clean up your reservations for July in Easydock before June 17th and cancel the reservations of which you already know now that you cannot sail on the particular date. All cancellations for July that have been done before June 17th will not be charged.

All July reservations that are still in Easydock on June 18th will be charged, unless the reservation is cancelled by us.

AUGUST Reservations
We will follow the same procedure for the reservations in August:
August cancellations before July 15th will not be charged.

All August reservations that are still in Easydock on July 16th will be charged, unless the reservation is cancelled by us.

SEPTEMBER Reservations
From September 1st a loosening of measures is expected.
At the end of July we will decide whether we continue the schedule above or switch back to normal.

For more information please contact Monic van der Heyden, Commercial Manager Cruise  at Port of Amsterdam:

Phone: 00316 51240931

Port of Amsterdam is engaged in the development, operation and management of the Amsterdam port region, as well as promoting sustainable economic development throughout the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. The Amsterdam port region covers the ports of Amsterdam, Beverwijk, Zaandam and Velsen/IJmuiden.